Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lovely Weekend

La di da, wasn't it beautiful this weekend?!

Friday was as lovely as could be, a wonderful evening for pizza and a movie with friends. I do wish those that wanted to be there and were trapped in various places (airports, for example) could have been with us and that there had been a more everybody-friendly movie on, but THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME.

Saturday, I was oh so unmotivated to get out of bed, but it was a lovely day to be outside. I eventually dragged my butt out of the house and walked up to CD Central and found some cool music and dvds. Nice chat online later that evening, and an early bedtime for me. 9:00!!! They tell me it got stormy that night, but I heard none of it.

Thirteen hours later I awoke to the loveliness that was Sunday. It still managed to be difficult to get out of the house, even though the sun was actually shining through my thick, light-obstructing window covering, but once I did...WOW. I was so glad to be outside. I felt bad for all the people trapped inside with allergies, or with people with allergies, but I did try to get my nephew an outing--it just didn't work out. Beautiful day for knitting in the park, for laying in the grass with a super-sweet, very nice person, for watching the night descend upon a very windowful apartment...

Lovely, that really is the only word for it.

Hope there's another one really soon!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh, my goodness!

Now I know what to do with my little pieces of fabric from Japan! Yay!

Monday, May 5, 2008


The new voice mail system at work sucks. Balls. I hate it.