Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Somebody throw me a lifeline!

I wonder if I will ever learn from my mistakes...

I almost always (even when I measure) manage not to leave enough yarn to bind off a project. And it has happened again.

It isn't so bad when a bind off is a bind off and I just have to take back a couple of rows to fix it, but when it's a Summit bind off...let's just say, things are different this time.

Since each row is a tiny little set of rows, and I have to end with the waves turning in a certain direction, I have to go back half a cast off pass as well as a set of left-curving waves and a set of right-curving waves. That is roughly 342 rows, or 3762 stitches. I so hope my math is way overestimating the actual amount.

I did search through my stash for something suitable to finish off the bind off, but there just isn't anything there. I briefly considered the brown yarn I came across, but I don't think the plan to over-dye the whole thing purple will mask the color difference, and throwing a bit of non-superwash on the end is an equally horrific idea.

Had I used a lifeline at the end of the last left curve section, I could just rip it back and move on. At least the time spent to get going again would be lessened. But I didn't and now it's time to slowly undo at least this past weekend's-worth of progress. I have had to rip back on this thing before, and I know it's easier to pick up stitches than it looks. That doesn't mean I am ready.

The only real saving grace here is that I already know how to get around that silly crochet hook part. Honestly, like I wasn't going to be knitting backwards for the purl rows!