Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday, and feeling cheated.

I know it's wrong because I got exactly what I wanted, but I still feel a little cheated.

With echoes of delicious pasta lingering from my lunch from Leonardo's yesterday, I grabbed my coat and headed toward the door for one of their sandwiches. I put my ILL in my pocket for the wait and was almost outside when I remembered. It's Thursday. That's Red Pepper and Gouda Bisque day.

My absolute favorite on-the-cheap-side lunch from Chapter 2 is a ciabbatini toasted and torn to bits with the soup poured over. It soaks in and gets all chewy and delicious. It's simple, and I love it.

So I stopped to grab that instead of Leonardo's and read maybe a page and a half of my book while I waited for the bread that was on the grill.

Lunch is delicious, but now I'm back in front of the computer, not reading. The computer always wins.